Each member of our dental staff is highly trained and committed to providing the best dental health care possible.


Office Manager

Native of El Paso, Texas I moved to Arizona in 2003 with my new husband to pursue a lifestyle change. I have been in the dental field since 2004 and hope to continue to grow in this evolving industry. I am a firm believer that quality patient service is key to a successful dental practice. Providing over-the-top customer service is the number one priority in creating happy and healthy relationship with my patients.

Growing up in a family orientated atmosphere, spending time with family and friends is a big part of any time away from work. I love having everyone over to cook for them and enjoy a great conversation while we eat. Relaxing time for me is enjoying a good book or a movie with my husband and my 2 fur babies (Bud & JD).



Dental Hygienist

Hi! I’m Asia and I’m your dental hygienist at Gentle Hands Dental Office.  I want you to know a bit about me since I’ll be working on cleaning your teeth when you come into our office – and that’s a pretty intimate situation.

My background starts with becoming a world traveler at a young age since my father was in the Air Force. I’m the older of 2 children in our family; my brother is 5 years younger. I joined the U.S. Air Force at the young age of 18 and always had the desire to work in the medical field. While in the Air Force, I became a dental technician there and cleaned teeth for 8 years.

Next I went to Carrington College for an associate’s degree in dental hygiene. I wanted to pursue this further so am now going to Northern Arizona University to get a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene. I’m still in the Air Force as a Reservist. I’m proud of the fact I’ve been there for 17 years.

You could call me a girly girl. I love to be pampered with massages, facials, pedicures, and spa treatments. I’m a self-proclaimed foodie so going out to restaurants or tasting new foods is fun to me. I’m also an avid reader but don’t like reading on electronic devices. My very favorite thing to do is traveling and seeing the whole world is my goal.

When you come into our office, you can rest assured that my frame of mind is that I know I can make a positive impact on your oral health, which will impact your life. I will listen to you to hear your wants and needs while being sensitive, empathetic, and we will work together in this pursuit of better oral hygiene. I want to live up to our office name, Gentle Hands, with you.



Dental Assistant

Miriam has been in the southwest her entire life. Born in Nogales, Sonora and raised in Tuscon, Arizona, Miriam grew to love the hot desert summers. Miriam has had the pleasure of working in many different speciality offices throughout her career, including pedatric dentistry and orthodontics. Miriam came to join the Gentle Hands Dentistry team in 2013. When not at work, Miriam and her two boys, Damian and Julien, love playing sports, especially water sports.



Hygiene Assistant

Hi! I’m Troy Allen, the Hygiene Assistant for Gentle Hands Family Dentistry. I’m originally from San Jose, California – we moved to Arizona the day after my fifth birthday. Moving was a great thing for me because I met my two best friends in the new neighborhood and we’re still friends to this day. We still live pretty close to each other.

I grew up playing a lot of sports but my favorites were hockey and football. Nowadays, I’m just an avid fantasy football player. My favorite pastime is modifying my car or playing with our dogs. I live with my girlfriend and although we aren’t legally married, we always say that technically we are since we have our dogs and have lived together for so long.

I chose the dentistry field because a friend of mine in college was pursuing dentistry and really sparked my interest. My education includes graduating from Horizon High School in 2011, Scottsdale Community College in 2018 (associate’s degree), and Arizona School of Dental Assisting in 2019. I’ve been working in dentistry for a year.

I love the personal interaction with every patient at the office. It’s so cool to get to know them and learn many different things from them. I like to think that I can brighten someone’s day or at least their dental visit!

I help patients focus on prevention by letting them know the things they are doing well, what areas of the mouth could use a little work and what could happen if they don’t improve. I think keeping someone informed is the best way to help motivate them to take better care of themselves. By informing them of all the proper techniques to maintain good oral hygiene, I can educate them, too. I enjoy watching educational and instructional dental videos online. It’s amazing all the things I can
learn from these that I haven’t seen in person.